October 16, 2017


Summit Cooling and Heating, Inc. provides residential and commercial air conditioning and heating installation and repair in Tucson and surrounding areas.

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When looking for a cooling and heating company for service or installation, there are a few things that you should always expect from the company you choose:

1) Seek ONLY licensed contractors. Why? Because if a person is not willing to go through the process of getting a contractor’s license, they are “short-cutting” the system of accountability, for protection of the consumer, and so what “short-cutting” may they take in their service or installation needs for you?

2) When making that first phone call, ask if they do Load-Calculations to determine the correct sizing of the unit suggested. Basing the size of any unit for  installation cannot be done on square footage alone. For example, you may desire a higher seer rating for your unit but if the unit is not sized correctly, the unit will not run efficiently, thus diminishing the efficiency purposes.

3) Inquire about whether duct work is the same dimensions for each room when it is installed.  Each room may require a different amount of air flow in order for it to cool as equally as the rest of the house – it is called air balance.

4) A knowledgeable company representative that is honoring of your time and home or business; before, during, and after the service or installation is provided.

5) The representative listens to you, asks questions, and gives information based on your personal needs.

6) When getting an estimate, make sure that the representative performs a detailed analysis of your home or business, which includes measurements, notes how rooms are facing north/south/east/west, and how many windows and the size of the windows in each room.

7) When doing a follow-up meeting for the estimate, you should ask any questions for clarification. The representative should be able to answer your questions in “layman’s terms” and the estimate should reflect and address the concerns and issues you stated in the first meeting.

8) There is a reasonable cost for running a business and having the integrity to be a licensed contractor, to use quality products, and to have quality employees that are paid a fair wage – so remember to ask yourself if the company you are hiring is cutting corners?

9) Finally, you must feel confident that the company you choose is there to serve you!

10) Summit Cooling and Heating, Inc. is the cooling and heating contractor that can offer all of the above suggestions.  We go above what is necessary to gain the confidence of our clients, in all circumstances!

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We support our troops!

We support our troops!

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