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Hi Mark,  Thank you for taking care of my A/C needs in recent weeks.  I appreciate the time you took to give me the bid on  a new unit; as well as, the Freon and fixing my thermostat at no charge.  I really appreciate it.  So far, were still in good shape as it is still running!  I hope it will last a while longer as I save a bit more for a new unit.  I will let you know more as times goes on. ps-I appreciate your honesty.  I am finding more and more, that quality is hard to come by.  Thank you. D.S.

Dear Mark, I am in awe of what a superior job you complete today.  Retiring the rusted hulks that wreaked havoc with the ceiling, and an aged evap cooler.  I feel like the “Phoenix rising from the ashes” looking at all that shiny new stuff!  As the temps rise and cooler is on 24/7 I’ll evaluate the “hum” and let you know if it needs a tune-up.  But today is one of thanks! I honor your commitment to doing things right the first time, and admire your tenacity in doing so.  Thank you, Mark, you are my “go-to” guy for cooling and heating and camaraderie! M.F.

Thank you, Mark, for all yoru attention to detail – we feel very comfortable with you doing the work for us. Sincerely, V and M

Thank you again to you for spending your Saturday morning taking care of us. The F. Family (from their young son: Mr. Mark, thank you for making our house cool again.  I was getting a little hot.) From B

Mark, I just wanted to tell you a huge thank you for helping us with our A/C! I know it’s your job-but you incredibly blessed us with your time and labor.  We are grateful for your friendship. Love, The M. Family

Dear Mark, Thank you for your kindness.  I am so grateful and appreciate of your help and generosity.  Be assured I will pass it on.  Take care, blessings J

Dear Mark, R and I want to thank you so very much for getting our A/C unit running so smoothly.  I especially appreciate being cool during these hot months.  Thanks for all the time you spent. You do great work!  Sincerely, R and M

Mark, My sincere thanks and appreciation for your insights in problem solving my humidity issues with me.  It was both kind and helpful. J

Mark, Thanks again for your terrific service to our family! I appreciate all the time you put into checking things out for us and making the A/C work!  We are blessed by you! Love, The M

Mark, Thank you so much for all the work you did on our heater and air conditioner. We are so thankful for you and your wonderful work ethic. Love, the H

Mark, Thank you for doing such a great job and working long hours so we could keep cool!  Please feel free to use us for a reference. S and A

Mark, Thank you for your kindness and wisdom. J

Mark Sunderman brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his chosen career and business.  Summit Cooling and Heating, Inc.  He provided expert guidance during my selection of a new system.  He did a thorough evaluation of my home, attentive to every detail.  He provided me with a variety of choices that addressed not only what was necessary for my comfort but in keeping with my desire for a sustainable selection.  Mark is always prompt, respectful and professional in our interactions. Most importantly he is always willing and available to answer my questions and concerns.  Following installation he has performed the very best and most complete maintenance service that I have ever had.  Summit Cooling and Heating is more than a step above others in the industry.  I am delighted to recommend Mark, for your cooling and heating selection, maintenance and repair.  You will not be disappointed. J.E.D.

What did the Provider do?

Assessed our air conditioning/heating requirements, selected a system configuration that would meet or exceed our requirements, provided an informative proposal which clearly identified the individual system components, installed and tested the system.  This was a split, two zone system with the compressor outside and an “air handler” in the master bedroom and second in a bathroom.

How did it go?

When looking to make a major change to our home, which we consider an investment, we always seek out 3 or 4 potential providers to contact andn compare their offers.  In this case we were in the market for a split, dual zone system, to provide cooling (mostly!) and heating in a part of the house not served by the main air conditioning system, and for which additional ducting to this part of the house would not be efficient. Summit was on of 4 we contacted for offers.  While everyone is price sensitive, we also look to the quality of the overall offering “experience” – price, make/model/particulars of what we are buying, how the potential buyer comes across in working with us as potential customers to either meet our requirements, or based on their expertise, assist us in identifying system requirements and installation options which will work best or us.  Summit Cooling came to our house and assessed our layout, presented system options and equally important installation options, and then provided a proposal that was of a sufficient level of detail that allowed us to compare the capabilities of their proposed system, as well as price, with competing offers.  One of the other companies did not even bother to provide us a written, detailed estimate; just an email with price.  One company, during their home inspection, told us Pima county code would not allow them to install the bathroom unit.  Then, a couple of days later we received some options from them along with an explanation that “theyy were mistaken.”  Such a mistake being unprofessional, they were out (their price was less than Summit’s). The third provided a written proposal but after numerous communications with them they would not provide the details such as model numbers of the system components so we could accurately compare their offering with others, and while their price was a little less, told us all we needed to know about them with respect to how they would work with their customers after a contract was signed.  Following acceptance of Summits’ initial offer, they looked at our layout and were able to work with us to identify an optimal installation design, which provided for the air handlers to be mounted on the bedroom wall and bathroom wall but with the system lines being run inside a master walk-in closet to the outside compressor.  This resulted in our installation having a very clean look in the rooms.  Summit also met our emergent requirement to have a programmable thermostat for each room (system normally comes with a remote control – in the near future we plan to be able to control  the system via wifi).  Summit then took two days to install, test, and turnover the system to us.  The quality of the installations is superior in all aspects.  The owner naturally gave us instruction on how to program and use the system, cleaning of the filters, but also gave us solid advice on how to care for the outside located compressor.  Overall, we are very happy we chose Summit.  We highly recommend them.

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